Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Things Recently

* * * *
Visiting and talking with *both* of my nieces. Although they are about 12-13 years apart in age, they are both such cute and endearing personalities. I love it when I get to see/talk to them and do little projects with them.

Accomplishing cleaning projects around the yard. (making a dent in the amount of wood to pick up)

Mint-filled Lindor truffles.

Snuggle cats.

Small but steady paid work.

A chatty letter from my sister--yea! (a real life paper letter!)

Vegetarian chili in winter--yummy and cozy

Conversation and snuggle time with M.

Taking yet more stuff to Goodwill.

New color inspirations for Spring.

Bird feeders in steady use.

Pushing myself to grow more in my endeavors--and not doing too badly at it.

Sweeping off the porch, catching up on laundry--even the small things are happy.

Noticing that I have become a better touch-typist than I thought (better than bad-hehe). Now to work on the spelling...(hah)

Suuuushiiii !!

* * * *

I wish you all happy things too. :)

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