Friday, February 01, 2008

small distractions

* * *
D'ja ever have one of those days (or weeks or months) in which one does not feel very social?

I love visiting with friends. I love reading me some blogs. I even enjoy those networking thingies in moderation.

But sometimes I am too scattered, too tired, too obnoxiously un-focused to make coherent conversation or post a thoughtful post or comment. I run out of energy or attention to be much more than a goof.

So yeah, it would nice to continue that conversation, but I have to go and stare off into space for a while. Or immerse myself in something other than interaction.

I feel bad for getting into these non-socially-motivated moods, but maybe, hey, here's a thought: maybe that's just the way I am and I don't need to try to justify or apologize for it.

Like after certain big events when I need a LOT of down time to recover. Am I recovering from a high-social time? Hm?

Okay, I'll go explore that idea. I'll also entertain other people's ideas. I'm not restrictive, just distracted.
* * *


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